Available in 9 colors

Instinct of protection

Like paper covers protect books, custodians of the most precious treasure of humanity, so Buckram offers protection to the walls of the most intimate and dear environments.

The delicate decoration brings to mind textures and warps hand-woven by thin fingers: with the astonishing technique and attention required by the ancient looms, they were able to create what was necessary to protect the loved ones.


Technique / technology: Printed Canvas
Weight: ≈380 g/m² (± 5%)
Thickness: 115 μm
Width: 95 cm / 37,4ʺ (± 3%)
Repetition: 0 cm / 0ʺ
Match: Free match
Adhesive: Adhesive for non-woven wallcovering
Design: Plain - Structure - Horizontal
Type of support: No woven 130 gr.
Finish: Printed Canvas on non-woven backing
Technical features: Fire resistant - Shoock-proof - Washable
How to paste: Paste the wall
How to remove: Strippable
Sales unit: Linear meters


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