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An invitation to touching the simplicity of the light, just where the matter takes space in the shadow. An essential energy to caress and to share over the time. Because for a man, live the simplicity doesn’t mean to live the
emptiness. With its wide range of colors and, unique and valued designs, TOUCH is a contemporary collection that perfectly espouses itself with a people-oriented Interior Design. We can easily imagine it, dressed both in a
public or in a private, classical or modern, large or tiny place. Whatever is the place, TOUCH will tie with harmony, accuracy and strictness to every formal or informal space. TOUCH is the result of a decennial technical research of materials, facilitated by the consolidated and hand-crafted production experience and by a marked aesthetical sensitivity that, daily,
blend together to give new avant-garde solutions, without compromising the high-level and rare quality, that you can perceive and live

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