Available in 7 pattern

Lux - Perturbation born from light

Lux is a name with two meanings: light and luxury. 
Light, because the design and colours can vary, shimmer, or reflect depending on how the light changes. 
Luxury, because the collection displays a great richness and splendour that meet the ambition and pride of those who can see beyond frontiers.
In graphic and material terms, Lux plays a primary role in creating a wall that becomes vibrant and alive. The use of high-quality technology makes it possible to appreciate metamorphoses similar to those that are also found in nature, where it is easy to come across surprising graphical displays of colour.
Most of the patterns in the Lux collection are large size, and match randomly - an idea that enables the decorative pattern to be perceived as a whole with no joins, suggesting that the decoration has been made directly on the wall.  The bold colours make it possible to create an architectural environment that has a strong impact. 


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