About us

A History of Handmade

To really get to know our company, you need to understand our mission: to create a visual amazement.
Gianfranco, curious and scholar of visual games, raised the wallpaper from simple decorum to an element capable of giving life to the walls. 
TEXAM products, in fact, are born to be resilient: the effect is so material and sensitive to light that the wall appears “alive” and moving.


  • Our story

    TEXAM’s origins date back to the 1970s, when in Turin, Gianfranco Salvi crumpled hand-painted paper and applied it to the walls. The resulting skin effect was too charming to remain a mere experiment. And so the story moved from Turin to Milan, where this unusual wallpaper found an enthusiastic group of customers. Once the first collection was completed, Gianfranco wanted to test the potential of his products on the most demanding stage of all: New York. There he met Angelo Donghia, one of the most appreciated interior designers of the time, who fell in love with this unusual wallpaper and decided to display it in his American showrooms.
    Gianfranco thus began his career as an avant-garde author: his unique and inimitable collections, made with a printing press he designed himself, were introduced to the market.
    In 2010, after a long career, Gianfranco decided to create his own brand: 
    He wanted to combine traditional printing techniques with the most modern and digital ones, leading his creative team in a precise style that reflected Texam’s DNA: attention to detail, luxury design, meticulous processing techniques and celebration of materials.



  • Our team


    Texam is a family-run Italian company that has been designing and producing wall coverings for over 40 years. In our team we boast more than 20 people, specialists in their sector, who work every day to make TEXAM wallpaper a luxury product, cared for in every detail.

    From the color lab to the communication office, moving from the packaging department to the design artists, our entire team is connected to develop a product from A to Z. 

    From its conception to the creation of material and color, to the development of design and production based on one of our printing techniques, to end with the launch and protection of the customer.

    The TEXAM Team is committed to making our production wallpaper more than just a purchase, or an experience.



  • Texam in the world

    The wallpapers produced by TEXAM have been chosen for the realization of architectural and design works of great value and impact all over the world. 

    Auditoriums, luxury restaurants, resorts, hotels and even nightclubs, in Europe and around the world.

    Our brand is proud to have collaborated with elìte professionals who have made their works even more prestigious thanks to our products. 

    TEXAM has also created, thanks to its innovative techniques, unique collections for brands in the sector.



  • TEXAM’s philosophy is never to settle: that’s why we never propose reinterpretations of fashion trends.


    We believe that walls have their own lives: it is only a matter of being able to pull identity, form and movement out of two-dimensionality.

    What we offer is a unique style, a creative vision and all-Italian expertise. With each new project, we aim to dare and reinvent ourselves, in terms of materials, design or ideas. 

    With the artistic team Gianfranco has always shared: his knowledge, his experience in contact with different cultures, experimentation, influences from artists, architects and designers. 

    Today, TEXAM’s wall coverings are the result of this never-ending quest.

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