About us

A History of Handmade

The history of Texam Home is a journey between France and Italy, a journey that has its roots in the '80s. The deep care taken in manual processes and the attention to the processing of materials have been essential elements of its success.

In 2010 the Salvi family, with a forty-year experience in the Italian wallpaper market, acquired its ownership and reinterpreted the brand philosophy in a markedly Italian key. Care for details, luxury design, careful workmanship and celebration of materials: in three words, Made in Italy.

  • A Multisensory Experience

    Texam Home can boast an enviable know-how in the processing of materials that, combined with the unique style that distinguishes it, allows to create refined collections that combine quality and aesthetics.

  • Touch the wallpaper

    Just looking at it would be a half-experience. Feel the consistency of different materials under your fingers, follow the sinuous motifs that characterize them with your fingertips and let these sensations take over. Discover how metal turns into liquid energy before your eyes and the quartz floods with clear transparency the opaque fullness of velvet.

    Let yourself be pervaded by the graceful dance staged by the play of light and color, breathe the atmospheres that come to life thanks to our wallpaper and leave for a multi-sensory journey that will leave you enchanted in front of luxury and elegance.

  • Avant-garde Technology

    Macro prints with vibrant colors are accompanied by delicate metallic damasks while opulent floral scrolls collide with linear geometries. The result is the creative force that sustains the Texam Home collections.

    The artisans of Texam Home are constantly looking for the most innovative technologies, selecting those that pay homage to the creative act without distorting it. Thanks to these introductions, it is now possible to create wallpaper on delicate substrates such as silk, create mixes of solids and voids, lights and shadows, fabrics and textures in a unique way, letting luxury reach tips of fineness never achieved before.


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