Hajnal Projekt Design KTF


H-1088 Budapest, Bródy Sándor u. 42.
T/Fax: 00-36-1-266-7323,

mobil: 00-36-30-9057353,


Designing and producing of textile patterns, curtain materials, upholstery, carpets, etc. with various technology accomodating to our customer's claim: on woven, printed, or any kinds of basic material. (From natural base - linen, silk, cotton, etc. - to all kinds of synthetic fibre fabrics.)

We have many hundreds of pattern-books from different companies about fabrics, which we put into circulation. From these, anyone can find the best solution for interior textiles. We also do everything from the measurement to the outfitting.

Making of size-designed and ready-made interior textiles for community (hotels, etc.) and also for the inhabitation.

Trading with flame-retardant textiles 

Wallpapers (exclusive, hand-painted, silk, flame retardant)

Curtain rods for all kinds of windows: curved rods with roof and side-wall fixing, made of wood or wrought iron, etc.

Roman blind, band-curtains, jalousie (synthetic or wooden), shutters, panellos, etc. All kinds of shading techniques.

Wholesale and retail trading of interior textiles from italian, spanish, german, english, etc. companies.


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