Mooi & Puur

Mooi & Puur
Vlasmeersestraat 86
5261 TC  VUGHT

 073 – 763 08 41

We are Derk and Yolante, the owners of Mooi & Puur, a residential specialty store specializing in wall finishes and interiors. We are Brabant's inspiration store when it comes to exclusive wall finishes. Mooi & Puur originated from our shared passion for living and natural materials. This is certainly reflected in our collection. We are creative and driven and work with a lot of feeling and passion.

In addition to exclusive wall finishes, we offer you a total package when it comes to decorating your home. In addition to the walls, you can also find tailor-made furniture from our own Derkzz label, unique home accessories and much, much more. In our store, but also at your home, we are happy to give you full advice and enthusiasm. We also have the right people and qualities to carry out the various activities.

Brabant cosiness is our top priority. We are happy that you immediately feel "at home" in our store. Mooi & Puur is an experience that we would like to give you.

Derk and Yolante

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