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  • On the brand manual off the Wall Masters - among the very first pages - there is an entire note dedicated to a maxim of our work: each wall is an only child.

    There is - and it will never exist - no wall equal to another.

    Each wall has its own characteristics, peculiarities and purposes: there is no "model" wall, otherwise it would be enough to replicate the same procedures each and every time.

    This philosophy has prepared us for customized projects like this one realized in the Netherlands: the customer fell in love with Interaction, a pattern from our ID collection, and requested it for his own private residence. The height of the panels commonly used for these installations reaches 300 cm; the wall in question, on the other hand, far exceeded the standard sizes, reaching a total of 480 cm.

    As you can see in the picture, even the shape of the wall is rather unusual: thus, we have created a custom-made print, divided into six panels with three different heights, to fit surgically to the wall below, keeping the pattern intact.

    The end result satisfied both us and our customer, who today can boast an even more unique and personal wall than it was before.

    For us Wall Masters, in addition, there is the enormous satisfaction of having preserved the peculiarities of the chosen subject - id801 - characterized by an elegant, sparkling and boreal soul, without distorting it in the new customized dimension.

    This confirms, once again, that Texam’s wall rule is always valid.

    Project curated by our partner

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