Casa Decor 2022

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  • This year we celebrate 30 years of Casa Decor in this magnificent location, located in the commercial hub of the Salamanca district. Everything started here in 1992, and that's why we wanted to come back to celebrate our anniversary with all of you.

    Throughout three decades, Casa Decor has played an active and constant role in the training and dissemination of design and interior design in our society. Not only has it made companies and professionals in the sector known, but it has inoculated the need to conceive interior design as a basic necessity.

    Casa Decor has anticipated the houses of the future and the innovations that, in a few years, would be incorporated into homes in series. It has been at the forefront of technological developments , materials and new housing formulas. It has served as a creative and experimental laboratoryin the application of new products and models of living. It has reactivated the sector, promoting work in all guilds, creating business opportunities and synergies, and promoting research and design. The proactive social role of Casa Decor has also been exercised by welcoming non-governmental solidarity foundations in each edition to give a voice to the most disadvantaged, and opening the architectural heritage of the city to the thousands of people who visit us, thus reactivating the economy of the neighborhood where it is located.

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