Craftsmanship and Made in Italy

Craftsmanship and Made in Italy

TEXAM wallpaper is a unique product in the world of high-quality interior design. The refined collections are focused on innovation, originality and respect for the craft traditions typical of Italian history.

  • Traditional Manuality and Materiality

    TEXAM WALL MASTERS pays great attention to the material element, honored in every collection, making it one of the key elements of its wallpaper. The technical skill in the processing of fabrics, necessary to create the play of lights that embellishes the patterns, is the result of the experience gained during the years when the creative process was exclusively manual. Today handmade has been enriched with the most innovative technologies available, to make decorative excellences possible and enhancing the taste of luxury craftsmanship.

  • Hues and shades, harmonic contrasts between sinuous shapes and rigid lines, exotic and traditional inspirations: each of the Texam Home wallpaper lines contains within itself the seed of passion typical of the creative processes of the time gone, when small works of art came to light in laboratories and back rooms, while children played with a ball in the squares paved with porphyry and the scent of warm bread filled the air with fresh vitality.


    Each TEXAM collection is different from the other, while maintaining a unique and consistent style that distinguishes the brand. 
    Craftsmanship and experimentation diversify each collection in terms of print, materials and style.

    We create 100% Italian products,
    timeless, high quality and extremely innovative.
    Some collections use about 50-60% recycled material, a decision we have made to reduce waste and paving the way for a product that we want to be increasingly eco-sustainable in the future.


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