Iepersteenweg 102

8650 Houthulst

+32 472 61 31 31

Canuse is the company of passionate owner Meghann Beun.

After her Master degree in linguistics, Meghann started almost immediately in the interior business. When she was 26, she travelled through Europe as an International Project Manager specialised in high end wallcovering. From then on, she's been lucky to be able to surround herself with the most professional creatives on the most inspiring locations.

From 2014 to 2017, Meghann has been combining her degree in linguistics with her passion for interior design and natural commercial skills as an interior freelancer. She was a copywriter for interior companies, documentalist for interior architects and colour consultant for painters. 

Equiped with all the knowledge from her freelance experience, Meghann decided to start her own interior agency by the end of 2016. Canuse is a translation of Meghann's passion for colours, materials and artisan. As a B2B interior agency, Canuse provides wallcovering, interior fabrics, interior accessories and furniture to designers, interior architects and retailers.

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