Available in 10 colors

The cosmos in the eyes

Concentric drawings that intersect each other like parallel worlds, causing reason to lose its boundaries: Mandara catches the eye giving symbolic shape to the visible and invisible cosmos.

The ancient sacred art of the mandalas is the spark that generate the rhythm of these geometries, which approach the impermanence of the material world by opening the mind to utopian realities that can be accessed only by elevating the spirit and setting this pattern on the walls of your homes.


Technique / technology: Non-woven printed
Weight: ≈178 g/m² ( ± 5% )
Thickness: 48 μm
Width: 95 cm / 37,4" (± 3%)
Repetition: 64 cm / 25,2"
Match: Straight match
Adhesive: Adhesive for non-woven wallcovering
Design: Geometric
Type of support: No woven 130 gr.
Finish: Double print design over non-woven back
Technical features: Fire resistant - Shoock-proof - Washable
How to paste: Paste the wall
How to remove: Strippable
Sales unit: Linear meters


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