Available in 3 colors

Archetype of fire

Tongues ​​of fire that stand out against a clear sky, a spectacle of energy in flames with primordial colors that unleashes primitive and overwhelming passions.

Ka is the sound of the ideogram of fire in Japanese, in a country that has made the scarlet sun the cornerstone of its symbolism. A fundamental archetype of origin and destruction, this element finds its place in all cultures as an image of inspiration and sacredness: thus Ka brings creative spirit within the most precious environments.


Technique / technology: Digital print on non-woven backing
Weight: ≈196 g/m² (± 5%)
Thickness: 44 μm
Match: Straight match
Panel size: 95 cm x 300 cm / 37,4" x 118,11" (± 3%)
Number of panels: FULL SET - 3 PANELS
Image size: 285 cm x 300 cm / 112,2" x 118,11" (± 3%)
Adhesive: Adhesive for non-woven wallcovering
Design: Geometric - Panels - Others
Type of support: No woven 130 gr.
Finish: Digital print on non-woven backing
Technical features: Fire resistant - Shoock-proof - Washable
How to paste: Paste the wall
How to remove: Strippable
Sales unit: Panel


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