Available in 10 colors

Ode to resilience

Kintsu is an art whose origins are lost in the mists of a time when Japan was an isolated empire in a golden casket. Ceramic shards were and still are recomposed by welding them in gold, which weaves delicate branches of life along unrepeatable fracture lines.

Metal scars that raise common objects to mastery, silent witnesses of experience: this is Kintsu, from which this pattern takes its name and inspiration to bring the value of resilience into the world of interior design.


Technique / technology: Non-woven printed
Weight: ≈178 g/m² (± 5%)
Thickness: 48 μm
Width: 95 cm / 37,4" (± 3%)
Repetition: 64 cm / 25,2"
Match: Straight match
Adhesive: Adhesive for non-woven wallcovering
Design: Vertical - Horizontal - Geometric - Stripes
Type of support: No woven 130 gr.
Finish: Double print design over non-woven back
Technical features: Fire resistant - Shoock-proof - Washable
How to paste: Paste the wall
How to remove: Strippable
Sales unit: Linear meters


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